Grid-Movement Expandable Card Game

Like other card games, you can use a pre-constructed deck or build your own which is where your creative side can take control. An expandable card game is different from a trading card game as the cards are purchased from expansions with all the cards at once rather than aquiring random cards from booster packs.

This makes the game easier to play as the cards are at everyone's grasp. Although we are always open to booster packs as they can be quite fun to open, but at the moment that is not part of the game.

Unlike other card games, Lost Legacy's main gimmic uses the grid-movement mechanic. Cards can be placed and moved across a large chess style battlefield much like pieces in a board game. This creates an additional skill to master which adds depth to the gameplay.


The Lost Legacy card game includes characters from the Ages of Legania story about a dragon that can travel through time. Throughout the years, Legania has had many owners who have changed the world with its help for better or worse. Cherry, a happy-go-lucky farmgirl, gets wrapped up in an adventure involving Dae, a former pirate gone rogue.

Along the way they will partner up with new friends like Astoroth, a wizard that can transform into animals as well as Freya, a powerful witch with a cold personality. They must also overcome challenging foes such as the pirate captain, the undead king Dryden, and Magesto, a stoic boy who can bring your nightmares to life!

Learn the rules

You can check out our downloads page for a PDF copy of the rulebook, but if you'd like a more visual explanation, the following video should help.

Gameplay Demonstration

The following includes a brief gameplay video of an unscriped game with two starter decks. The video was created when annotations were still a thing on YouTube, which they removed, so sadly there are no explanations to the events happening like there should. So it may be difficult to follow along without knowing what the cards do, but we will update with a new video soon!

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