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The Clockwork theme is a defensive deck which can waltz right into enemy territory without fear. Clockwork Knight has armor making it a defensive guardian that can withstand up to 3 attacks before being vulnerable. It's higher form is the Clockwork Juggernaut. The Juggernaut, or jugs for short, has intense stats with an ability that blows away all options in its zone-range. Rolling Cannon is a small mechanical that plays a roll as well, taking out any option in its long-range one at a time. As you can see, option removal is a heavy theme of the deck which is why they don't need cards like Blaster Bomb to get in the way. The deck usually wins by the invasion honor. This is a problem since you want good speed with invaders which is what these heavy metals lack. Their skill of swordplay can easily counter this by using a Falcon Spear. Trap Door or Rabbit's Foot help tremendously as well.


TRAP DOOR let's you throw Clockwork Knight right where you want it; the opponent's entry point. But even better, is when you use it with the Juggernaut. When you play Clockwork Juggernaut, it's ability goes off, but you can use Trap Door first to throw Juggernaut over to your opponent's side of the field. They can't do the same to you cause it's your turn and your abilities go off first. Juggernaut will then blow up all options in its zone-range which will absolutely wreck their plans.

EVELYN can blow your opponent's options in the way of your Rolling Cannon or Juggernaut to make them easy targets for their destruction abilities.


SCARLET is Clockwork Knight's biggest threat, despite looking like a fragile half naked thief. She strips Clockwork Knight's armor right off leaving it vulnerable to attack.



N/A 4 Clockwork Knight Character
N/A 4 Clockwork Juggernaut Character
N/A 2 Rolling Cannon Character
N/A 4 Necromancer Character
N/A 4 Overgrow Item
N/A 4 Mystery Door Item
N/A 2 Revival Powder Item
N/A 3 Book of Ideology Item
N/A 2 Horn of Temptation Item
N/A 4 Spiked Floor Counter
N/A 4 Shield Barrier Counter
N/A 4 Trap Door Counter
N/A 3 Iron Glove Equipment
N/A 4 Rabbit's Foot Equipment
N/A 2 Final Will Equipment


N/A 1 Shield of Triumph Weapon
N/A 4 Falcon Spear Weapon
N/A 3 Ball & Chain Weapon
N/A 1 Magic Staff Weapon
N/A 1 Fairy's Fortune Spell
N/A 1 Updraft Spell
N/A 1 Reboot Spell
N/A 2 Transfiguration Spell

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