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Have you ever played a shooter game and used the sniper riffle to just sit back and take enemies out without them having a clue where you are? That pretty much describes a damage deck. Everybody hates the snipers. And they are probably gonna hate you too for using this deck. You mostly just stay in a safe spot while damage cards are used to lower your opponent's character's stats. Mei is the key card to this deck because she amplifies all damage cards. Whenever a card adds damage to a character, she will add 1 more damage. For each Mei you have on the battlefield it will add an additional damage as well, so you want to get out as many copies of her possible.

Get out the Fire Witches

Use Royal Invitation and Seeds of Creation to play as many copies of Mei as possible Two or three should be enough.

Play your damaging cards

Use the Blazing Hands spell to damage individual characters or Powder Keg to mass damage all of them. Proximity Mine adds 3 damage on its own, but you have to move their character into it with a Horn of Temptation to trigger it.

Snipe with the Angel

Once you have a character's defense down to about zero from all the damage, all you have to do is attack it right? There is one character that does that job incredibly well who is usually overlooked; Olympian Archer. Olympian Archer deals a mental attack to anyone on the battlefield. A mental attack is a near unstoppable attack, so counters like Shield Barrier and Transportal can't react to it because Olympian Archer doesn't threaten. This is what makes him a great sniper. The mental attack Olympian Archer deals is weak, but if their defense is zero, then 10 is all you need.



N/A 4 Mei Character
N/A 4 Necromancer Character
N/A 2 Olypian Archer Character
N/A 4 Royal Invitation Item
N/A 4 Mystery Door Item
N/A 4 Seeds of Creation Item
N/A 4 Horn of Temptation Item
N/A 2 Blaster Bomb Item
N/A 2 Blaster Bomb Item
N/A 4 Spiked Floor Counter
N/A 4 Proximity Mine Counter
N/A 4 Trap Door Counter
N/A 4 Napalm Counter
N/A 4 Volcanic Temple Environment


N/A 2 Mei Character
N/A 1 Prometheus Character
N/A 1 Olypian Archer Character
N/A 2 Ball N' Chain Weapon
N/A 1 Falcon Spear Weapon
N/A 1 Magic Staff Weapon
N/A 1 Fairy's Fortune Spell
N/A 4 Blazing Hands Spell
N/A 1 Shooting Star Spell
N/A 1 Updraft Spell

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