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Dinosaurs are all about raw power. The deck is fast paced and has a single minded goal, to over power your opponent in every situation; and thats exactly what it does. The draw and search engine in this deck is massive as it relies on building up fast which is made all the more easier with prowlers morph ability. The rest is simple, play Nullifying Potion. Chimerasuar is the highest stat character in the game thus far so no matter what once Nullifying Potion hits the field, causing all other raises in stats to be negated, the one left standing is Chimerasuar and he will be able to destroy anything that gets in his way. Prowler's third form, Prometheus, also bosts well. While not the highest stat character, his negating ability lets him bypass Clockwork Knight's armor, as well as other abilities, with no need for any additional cards. Like being the biggest and baddest you can be? Then give the Dinosaur deck a shot and you won't be dissapointed.



N/A 4 Prowler Character
N/A 4 Tyrannos Character
N/A 3 Prometheus Character
N/A 2 Chimerasaur Character
N/A 1 Skulldier Character
N/A 2 Seeds of Creation Item
N/A 3 Mystery Door Item
N/A 4 Overgrow Item
N/A 3 Book of Ideology Item
N/A 2 Blaster Bomb Item
N/A 3 Nullifying Potion Item
N/A 4 Shield Barrier Counter
N/A 4 Trap Door Counter
N/A 4 Final Will Equipment
N/A 2 Iron Glove Equipment
N/A 2 Rabbit's Foot Equipment


N/A 2 Prowler Character
N/A 1 Tyrannos Character
N/A 2 Astoroth Character
N/A 2 Falcon Spear Weapon
N/A 2 Ball N' Chain Weapon
N/A 3 Transfiguration Spell
N/A 1 Updraft Spell
N/A 1 Reboot Spell
N/A 1 Fairy's Fortune Spell

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