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Gothica is a defensive deck that can break your enemies spirit while invading their territory. It focuses on Magesto and using his fainting ability to keep all of your opponent's characters asleep. Faint will rest a character the moment it's played preventing it from attacking you or doing anything. This deck is Pirates biggest fear since it will stop them from using any of their abilities from getting out more characters. It uses lots of invulnerables like skeletons while keeping their main character Magesto safe is the goal. Invade with Necromancer while keeping Magesto safe from a distance. If any of your skeletons are destroyed by battle, play Nightmare Dragon from your hand to replace it with an even bigger threat. At that point the deck can actually go on the offensive. Everything that can go wrong for your opponent will go wrong. Expect them to get infuriated with how every choice they make ends up destroying them in the end.

TRAP DOOR & NIGHTMARE DRAGON is a great trick that can net you a surprise honor. When one of your resting characters are destroyed by an attack, you can play Nightmare Dragon, but make sure you play it in the zone-range of your Trap Door. You can then send it instantly to your opponent's entry point for an invasion honor! Just make sure they can't attack anymore this turn or you might have sent Nightmare Dragon to its death.

CHARCOAL GOLEM can destroy Magesto since it doesn't need to rest to use its ability.



N/A 4 Magesto Character
N/A 4 Necromancer Character
N/A 4 Nightmare Dragon Character
N/A 1 Skulldier Character
N/A 2 Seeds of Creation Item
N/A 4 Mystery Door Item
N/A 4 Sleeping Powder Item
N/A 4 Book of Ideology Item
N/A 2 Revival Powder Item
N/A 4 Transportal Counter
N/A 4 Trap Door Counter
N/A 4 Shield Barrier Counter
N/A 4 Rabbit's Foot Equipment
N/A 4 Force Field Equipment


N/A 1 Magesto Character
N/A 1 Necromancer Character
N/A 4 Falcon Spear Weapon
N/A 4 Ball N' Chain Weapon
N/A 1 Magic Staff Weapon
N/A 1 Updraft Spell
N/A 1 Reboot Spell
N/A 2 Fairy's Fortune Spell

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