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Witches is a deck based on having an answer for almost any situation. They can manipulate spells to thier advantage to turn a bad hand into a better one, a weak character into a stronger one, and redirect your opponent's attacks back at them. Along with the wide variety of spells at thier disposal the witch Freya also has an ability that allows you to search for a potion or powder titled card. So if your in need of MP, a character from your diposal, or want to negate all of your opponent's stat boosts, then Freya can oblige. Since witches naturally come with such variety the rest of the deck simply fills in any missing cracks. Scarlet takes care of Ball N' Chains, since your opponent will be throwing those at you, as well as getting rid of a Clockwork Knight's armor. Finally, when it comes to winning a game, Freya gives you the offense while Winnifred gives you the defense; allowing you to both attack and invade. If your the type of player who wants to be ready for almost any situation then witches are what you want.



N/A 4 Freya Character
N/A 4 Winifred Character
N/A 1 Evelyn Character
N/A 4 Mei Character
N/A 1 Scarlet Character
N/A 3 Royal Invitation Item
N/A 2 Mystery Door Item
N/A 3 Overgrow Item
N/A 3 Book of Ideology Item
N/A 2 Blaster Bomb Item
N/A 1 Magic Potion Item
N/A 2 Revival Powder Item
N/A 3 Horn of Temptation Item
N/A 1 Nullifying Potion Item
N/A 4 Spiked Floor Counter
N/A 4 Proximity Mine Counter
N/A 4 Trap Door Counter
N/A 4 Final Will Equipment
N/A 2 Force Field Equipment
N/A 2 Rabbit's Foot Equipment


N/A 1 Updraft Spell
N/A 1 Reboot Spell
N/A 2 Fairy's Fortune Spell
N/A 4 Blazing Hands Spell
N/A 4 Transfiguration Spell
N/A 1 Shooting Star Spell
N/A 1 Caduceus Spell

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